Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Midwest Motor Express (MME)

This company does not have a physical location in Watford City but I wanted to warn people because they may consider them for shipping products. When having deliveries shipped from retailers you may want to check who they will be shipping with. The overall amount that my complaint arises from is not why I am posting. It is the horrible customer service that I received from my first communications to my last with this company. Following is my BBB complaint along with the company's response.
Complaint dated 8-13-13 Demanded extra delivery fees before delivering my products.I had purchased a vinyl shed from Menards on July 11 which was sent to me from US Polymers. I had not received the item after 2 weeks so I checked my tracking information. It said it was shipped with Saia Trucking and transferred to Midwest Motor Express. There was no tracking or contact information at this point. I contacted Menards to ask them to find out what happened to my shipment. When they got back to me, I was at a camp with no access to email or phone. When I returned I called Midwest as Menards said they had my shipment. At Midwest, the woman I spoke to (Nicole) said they were going to charge me a storage fee of $37.50. I asked her why I was being charged that when I had no idea how to contact them to find my shipment. She said that was what her supervisor instructed her to tell me. I then asked to speak to the supervisor and asked the same question. He said I hadn't contacted them so I would be charged the fee. When I explained the situation, he accused me of lying and said he had heard that story before. He then said I could pay the fee or he was sending it back. Since I needed the item, I told him to deliver it and that I would be contacting the BBB. He said he didn't care if I did. I would not have filed a complaint but the supervisor was very rude and I wish he had given me his name. 
Response dated 9-5-13 We were unable to deliver or contact this customer, and per our rules tariff, a legal notice is sent out. $37.50 is the minimum charge for storage, once a legal notice is sent out. I apologize if the supervisor you talked to was rude and hard to deal with. I will address this with him. As far as a refund of this charge, the charge is legitimate, and I do not feel a refund is in order.
I know this complaint may seem trivial but there are a few things I think you should never do when running a business. One is to hold customers to terms they had no idea about. Another is never call your customer a liar. Sometimes it happens but you will lose business when a customer is falsely accused and is not worth it overall. Lastly, you should never be rude. A company is a reflection of you and all your employees. People do not like to deal with rude people and it is no different with businesses.

You can make your own decisions regarding this company but I will be avoiding them whenever I can. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


One thing that is common living in an oil boom town is trucks. Big trucks, little trucks, 4 wheel drive, 2 wheel drive, pickups or eighteen wheelers. Something that most of these trucks have in common is that they are tough. So it is humorous to me that these big tough trucks swerve for every pothole, bump or crack in the road. Are these vehicles so delicate that they can't drive over a bump or let their tire dip into a pothole? Let me assure you that your vehicle will not explode from driving over a pothole. If your wheels fall off it will not be from the pothole or bump. It is more likely that you had a problem previously.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: New Cenex

I decided to check out the new Cenex gas station today during my lunch. I was looking for something from the deli area and I needed to put gas in my SUV so I had planned to pay inside.

So I pulled up to a gas pump, pressed the pay inside button and started to pump the gas. Nothing happened so I tried again. I stood there for a little bit and waited for them to start the pump. When the pump did not start, I decided to pay at the pump. So I swiped my card and proceeded to try again. Surprise, surprise it still didn't work. A week old gas station with a card reader that doesn't work. Next, I decided to press the "Call Attendant" button for some help. I waited and there was no response from the attendant. By this time I was ready to just drive away. But, I decided to go in and see if they could help.

I went to the register and told them the card reader was broken on the pump. They told me I would need to prepay and asked how much I wanted to put in. I needed to fill it so I had to leave my card and go back out to pump the gas. When I told them the call button didn't work either the cashier said there was no call button. This was when the other cashier told her there was one but all it does is light up a light hidden under a counter. I went back out and pumped the gas, grabbed a pizza and paid for my purchases. Twenty minutes later, I was out the door and back to work.

Overall impression: Very poorly run business that will not be my first choice for purchases of gas or food in the future. Trip took fifteen more minutes than it should have.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kids Camp 2012

Back from an awesome week at Kids Camp. We took 21 3rd - 6th graders and 5 chaperones from our church to Lakewood Park Bible Camp. While there, we joined together with several other Assemblies of God church groups from all parts of the state. I was in charge of 5 boys in my cabin – 4 from our church and 1 from another church.

Each day we had a schedule of designated activities we needed to participate in. We had chapel services, family activities, family sports, free sports, meals, relaxing and cleanup time. Each day for cleanup had a different theme for decorating your cabin. Wednesday was the Fiesta theme and my boys won first place in the boys’ category. We had a sign on the door, food, a cactus, and even a couple of special visitors that stayed to welcome our guests. See the pictures for all the awesomeness.

My favorite parts of camp were the free sports and family times. “What, not the church services?” you ask. Let me explain. The church services were great. Kids were experiencing God and having a great time. But it was during the family times and free sports where the adults were able to connect most with the kids. I got to play a lot of mini golf and basketball during the week. During this time, kids I didn’t even know were impacted because I took the time to talk to them, learn their names and take an interest in what they were doing. I know they will remember that for a long time.

During the week all kids were divided up into families with 2 chaperones that were their “Dad” and “Mom” for the week. My wife and I were “Mom” and “Dad” to 14 kids that were all from churches other than our own. I don’t know what the home life is like for these kids and if they have two parents at home. What I do know is that many of them genuinely seemed to like us as their “Mom” and “Dad.” Many of the kids connected with us but there were two girls that liked to hang around with me. I gave lots of “piggyback rides” last week and have just started walking upright again.

One of these little girls really made an impression on me. On the third day of camp she came running up to me in chapel and said “Daddy, look!” When I looked I saw that she was pointing at her shirt that said, I Heart Dad. I don’t know if it was her shirt or if she borrowed it from somebody else. What I do know is she was so proud to show me she was wearing it. The last evening was the best though. We were all in chapel, worshipping and praying, when she came and stood next to me. I was talking to one of my boys and she waited very patiently for me to be done. When I finished, I turned and said “Hi” to her. That was when she hugged me and said, “Me and Mommy prayed for you.” After camp was over, I found out that my wife had just helped her learn to pray.